Trailblazing Tiny House Communities

Finding parking for a TH is a challenge. it’s often even more of a challenge for people of color as some of the locations that are often more accepting of THs, such as RV Parks and rural areas, aren’t always the safest places for PoC due to issues with racism.

Racism can’t be  and shouldn’t be the reason people of color aren’t able to join the tiny house movement. How do we work around that?

1) Awareness and discussion in the larger community of the issue(s) and support from “allies” who may also live in those locations.

2) Creating TH Communities that are committed to and encourage diversity.

3) “TH friendly” PoC and “allies” who are land/property owners offering parking to support PoC who wish to be in the movement.

If your tiny house community is committed to diversity or you own land/property and would be interested in discussing inbox contact us so that we can include your information as we gather information for our Trailblazers Resource Guide.