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Meeting with the local officials from Pink Hill, NC and the surrounding cities to talk tiny houses; acceptance, zoning, coding... My presentation focused on diversity and the potential
impact THs can have for people of color who are behind/left out of traditional/conventional home ownership due to issues like housing discrimination, the racial wealth gap and the illegal practice of redlining, that still exists today.

I discussed how THs present an easier/quicker path to home ownership, while still needing to solve for the known issues of acceptance and financing- and the additional and annoying burden of racism that PoC, interested/in the movement must also deal with. Hoping seeds were planted with the people who can and will impact change...
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didn't take many pics, so i'm grateful to everyone who has shared their pics with me!

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I often get frustrated when i'm talking about racism, diversity and inclusion, especially in the tiny house community, because I often feel the people who can impact change aren't listening... It frustrates me that people get to not care, if they choose to, because racism doesn't actually impact them.

I often start checking myself for my "tone" and the number of times I post about racism, because as horrible and maddening as racism is and even though it happens all day/every day, I still don't want to only be seen as the one dimensional "angry black woman". What an oxymoron that is, having to deal with something as ugly and hateful as racism and still having to be concerned and care whether or not people perceive you, the person on the receiving end of hate, as angry... 🙄

Sure, I get the comments from other people of color who say, "Sis, thank you for keeping it real" or "thank you for representing us..." but, obviously these are the people who know exactly what I'm talking about because they also deal with it. But the radio silence from the actual people who can and should be leading the change and the seemingly "non-caring air" gets to me and makes me want to go dark... and then I have an experience like yesterday...

A white lady I've never met before walks up to me at the Festival and "fan girl outs" (which will always be really weird to me, but I'm so very grateful for the love 😍) and then she shares that she wanted to tell me thank you for the stuff I share and talk about related to racism and diversity. She shared that she'd walked through life thinking racism didn't exist where she was and "not seeing color" and she'd read something I'd written and in it I'd said that white people get to ignore racism and often don't believe it exists because it's not their experience. She said that she started paying more attention, in a different way, and realized racism was right there around her... She said she now knows she has a "responsibility" and she wanted to thank me.

Then she wanted to know if she could hug me. Me: as long as you know I'm going to cry, of course...


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WOW! What a great turnout today. We are so pleased to have the support of the awesome town of Pink Hill, North Carolina as well as the entire state of North Carolina. The weather was beautiful and the houses looked so cool against the blooming rose bushes. I do want to apologize to all who tried to contact me via phone, TXT, or email. I simply don't have the time to respond in my usual manner. Please be patient and know that at some point I will try to return your inquiry. That said, see you tomorrow!

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Meeting with the local officials from Pink Hill, NC and the surrounding cities to…

This Saturday & Sunday in DC, join us! @ Washington, District of Columbia

2017 Tiny House NC Street Festival!
#carolinatiny #msgypsysoul #moderntinyliving @ Pink Hill,…

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