MLK Day 2017

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Dr. King was not only an advocate for social justice, but also an advocate for change, for not subscribing to the status quo, for stepping out on faith, for moving forward and for following your dreams… Tiny houses are so much of all of that.

If you dream is tiny living or a tiny house, in honor of Dr. King’s legacy we’re offering $50 off the already discounted early bird rate for two or more workshop registrations. Now both you and a friend can attend to follow your dreams!

The offer ends at midnight on January 16th, 2017, use code MLKDay$50off.

~Follow Your Dreams


1) Both registrations must be purchased at the same time to qualify for the offer.

2) The early bird rate has expired for the Atlanta Workshop, however the coupon can still be used for $50 off two or more registrations at the regular rate.

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